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Facebook Integration

This documentation has been depreciated.
Please visit for our updated Facebook documentation.

This documentation will show you how to take your ViralSweep giveaway and set it up on Facebook inside of a page tab.

1) Install Thunderpenny

Thunderpenny is a free app that allows you to add your giveaway to a Facebook page tab. Click the link below and it will take you to Facebook and ask you to choose which page you want to install Thunderpenny on.

Install Thunderpenny

Click the blue 'Add Static HTML to a Page' button.

Choose the page you want to add the application to and click 'Add Page Tab'.

2) Configure Thunderpenny

Now go to your Facebook page and you should see a ‘Welcome’ tab added to your page. Click on it and then click the green Edit tab button.

3) Paste in ViralSweep code

Open a new tab and login to your ViralSweep dashboard. Click ‘Get Code’ on your giveaway and copy the code for the widget.

Go back to Thunderpenny and paste in the ViralSweep code. If you want the widget to showup centered inside of the Facebook tab, add center tags.

Below the code, you’ll want to add in a complete release of Facebook. Copy and paste this sentence in:

This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Facebook. You understand that you are providing your information to the owner of this sweepstakes and not to Facebook.

Click 'Save & Publish' and you're done. You can also click the green ‘Preview tab’ button at anytime to see how it looks.

Click on the settings tab to get the URL to the Facebook page tab. Use this URL when sharing the giveaway so that people on all devices can access it.

4) Add a Fangate (optional)

If you want to add a fangate (someone has to like your page first before they can access the giveaway) then click on the ‘Fangate’ link at the top of the Thunderpenny app. Click ‘Enable Fangate’ and the fangate will appear. You can configure it by changing the text or uploading your own image.

5) Change tab image

Go back to your Facebook page, click the down arrow next to your tabs, and hover over the top corner of the app and click on the edit button. Select ‘Edit settings’ from the dropdown menu.

You will now see a box that allows you to change the image. Your image must be 111px (x) 74px. Upload your image and then check your Facebook page, it should be updated.

Here is what our page now looks like after adding Thunderpenny:

Here is what the giveaway looks like with a fangate:

Here is what the giveaway looks like once a user likes the page:

6) Add a background image (optional)

If you want to add a background image behind the widget instead of the default white background, you can do this as well. The background image should be 810px wide by at least 1050px height. You'll want to edit your Facebook tab and add the following code above your widget code.

body {background-image:url("");}

You'll need to change the URL that is in green quotes to the image URL of your background image. Once you do, click save, and you'll have a background image behind the widget, like the one below.

Still have questions?

You can reach us at, call us at 203-654-9051 between the hours of 9AM-6PM ET, or talk to us on live chat if we are available.