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Riding into Success

With nearly $40,000 in sales in 12 days, EVELO’s first sweepstakes becomes one of their best marketing campaigns.

Founded in 2011, EVELO is an electric bikes company that has a mission to make cycling more enjoyable for everyone, even for those who face certain barriers that prevent them from biking.

EVELO’s electric bikes are carefully crafted with high quality materials, making riding effortless, convenient and fun.

Unlike a traditional company, EVELO offers their electric bikes at the best prices because they are delivered directly to your door. EVELO has an office in New York, but their team is fully distributed around the United States, Canada and Argentina.

This case study is based off of a Father’s Day campaign that they ran from June 10th, 2015 to June 22nd, 2015.

The Promotion

The Ultimate Father's Day Giveaway

June 10 - June 22, 2015

1 Grand Prize; 3 Runner-up Prizes

$2,975 Total Prize Value

EVELO Promotion Screenshot

The Setup:

Custom Landing Page

EVELO designed a landing page for their sweepstakes that was hosted at evelo.com/fathers-day. This long-form landing page allowed users to learn about the promotion, see the prizes being offered, and enter the promotion all in one place.

Data Collection

EVELO embedded ViralSweep's widget into their landing page to collect entries for their promotion. EVELO customized the appearance of the widget to make it display wider than normal using CSS. They also added their own styles so the widget matched their branding.


EVELO wanted to increase their email list and social channels, including Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Google+. They also wanted to test whether giving away one of their electric bikes would encourage more sales (due to exposure), or slow them down (due to people waiting to see if they won before buying).


The total retail value of all prizes for this promotion was $2,975, but EVELO's costs were only $1700. In addition to the costs of the prizes, EVELO used ViralSweep's Business plan for one month which was $199. In terms of advertising, EVELO spent $520 on Facebook advertising, bringing their total campaign costs to $2,419.

Email Series

EVELO didn’t have time to create an entirely new auto responder series, so they added entrants from their promotion to their current auto responder series called The 7 Day Guide on Buying the Perfect Electric Bike.

This autoresponder guides subscribers through the process of buying an electric bike – knowing about the industry, the difference between certain models, and how the components work.

The goal of the email series is to educate the customer by providing them with an abundance of information related to electric bikes, as well as show them why EVELO's electric bikes are superior to others that are on the market.

The Results

June 10 - June 22, 2015

The Ultimate Father's Day Giveaway

3,187 Entries

Final Stats:

Total Pageviews


New Emails Collected


Email List Growth in 12 Days



Facebook Logo
Total Shares


Total Likes Gained


Likes Growth



Twitter Logo
Total Tweets


Total Followers Gained


Follower Growth



Youtube Logo
Total Followers Gained


Follower Growth



In order to market their campaign to receive maximum exposure, EVELO used a few different tactics.

First, they emailed their existing subscriber list of 6,000 people. While these people were already on their list, many of them shared the giveaway with their friends using ViralSweep's referral features, which brought in new leads.

Next, they promoted the campaign via their existing social channels, but this was not as effective as they did not have much of a following before using ViralSweep.

Third, they used Facebook Ads which helped drive traffic and conversions to their campaign.

Fourth, they used HelloBar on their website so that visitors would know that the giveaway was going on, and they could click through and enter.


EVELO tracked revenue from the giveaway using a combination of Google Analytics, Shopify, and Facebook Conversion Pixels. EVELO also sent out an email blast to previous subscribers encouraging them to participate, and to new subscribers, encouraging them to buy.

As a result, this giveaway was the most successful single promotion EVELO has ever run via their email and social channels, only being beaten out by Black Friday and Memorial Day promotions.

Total revenue generated from the giveaway was...


This means that overall, EVELO had an ROI of 1550% on this single campaign.

In Closing

EVELO ran only one campaign through ViralSweep and had an amazing return on their investment. They’ve told us that they loved the immediate results ViralSweep provided for them across the board, especially since social sharing and email subscribers had been a bit neglected before Gonzalo, their director of marketing, joined the company a few months ago. Gonzalo says…

Gonzalo Sanchez headshot

“We use a SumoMe pop up on our website, as well as targeted Facebook ads that drive traffic to Unbounce landing pages to capture email addresses. While both tactics are effective and we still use them on a daily basis, ViralSweep did what both SumoMe and Facebook ads couldn't do in months.”

—Gonzalo Sanchez, Director of Marketing

To learn more about EVELO, visit their website at EVELO.com.

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