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Hire influencers to promote your next sweepstakes or contest.

The twenty five steps of hiring an influencer.

ViralSweep does the heavy lifting, you get the results.

  • Step One
    Submit a Campaign
  • Step Two
    Receive Proposals
  • Step Three
    Review Content
  • Step Four
    Verify Content
  • Step Five
Step One

Submit a Campaign.

Easy Filters

Choose your influencers' category, the size of their audience, and the networks where you want influencers to promote your campaign.

Details & Pricing

Tell influencers your campaign's theme, what people can win, and provide the talking points. Then let them know what your budget is.

Step Two

Receive Proposals.

Read Proposals

Influencers will submit proposals to you with what they'll do to promote your campaign and how much they'll charge.

Accept or Deny

Choose to accept or deny proposals. For any proposal you accept you will fund it in order for the influencer to begin creating their content.

Step Three

Review Content.

Content Review

Look over the content the influencer has submitted to verify that it is what you want them to post.

Request Changes

If there is any issue with the content the influencer has submitted, you can use our messaging feature to request changes.

Step Four

Verify Content.

Content Verification

Once the influencer has publicly posted their content, they will submit their final links to you to view the content they posted.

Request changes

If there is any issue with the content the influencer has publicly posted, you can use our messaging feature to request changes.

Step Five


Release Payment

Once you approve the final links the influencer has submitted, we will automatically release funds to the influencer.

No more headaches

ViralSweep automatically pays the influencer to their debit card or bank account. You no longer need to manage payments across all the influencers you work with.

Send 93% less e-mail.

The average influencer campaign takes 27 e-mails from start to finish.

Chat and exchange files directly in-app.

Communicate with influencers you hire in real-time or on your own schedule.

Easy to use.

Viralsweep is easy-to-use and the fastest, most cost-effective way to set up a full-service, compliant promotion. Giancarlo and the team are incredibly responsive and helpful when working through custom requests.
Courtney Harwood
SVP Marketing, Keep
Keep Testimonial

Build and execute.

There is no better way to build and execute promotions than ViralSweep. Period. I’m consistently amazed at the ease with which they make complicated processes a breeze.
Pavia Rosati
Founder & CEO, Fathom
Fathom Testimonial

1000% ROI.

ViralSweep has been a key tool in growing our social following and our email lists. We've seen ROI's of over 1000% from revenue generated directly from our ViralSweep managed giveaways.
Derin oyekan
Co-Founder, JewelScent
JewelScent Testimonial

Above the rest.

As an agency, we tried several sweepstakes applications for our clients. ViralSweep is head and shoulders above the rest.
Denise Keniston
CEO, Web4Retail
Web4Retail Testimonial

Better than Facebook.

ViralSweep did what both Sumo and Facebook ads couldn’t do for us in months.
Gonzalo Sanchez
Director of Marketing, Evelo
Evelo Testimonial

One of the best.

ViralSweep is one of the best tools we use for running sweepstakes and giveaways.
Matt Navara
Community Director, The Next Web
The Next Web Testimonial

Real results.

We have been doing online giveaways for years, but it wasn’t until we found ViralSweep that these promotions began to provide real results. Our social media channels and our email marketing lists have grown exponentially with Viralsweep.
Chrissy Hansen
Marketing Director, Chicago Music Exchange
Chicago Music Exchange Testimonial
Near instant payments.

Influencers automatically get paid to their debit card or bank account once their content is approved.

Secure payments.

Brands fund proposals from influencers they choose to work with, and all funds are held in escrow until influencers create their content.

Get more paying customers.

Grow your email list, track the performance of your influencers, and record sales with our advanced tools.
Analyze influencers.

Influencers are provided with tracking links when posting content so you can track their performance, and the amount of entries and sales they drive.

Influencer marketing is on the rise.

Don't want to be left in the dust?

Get started now.

Amazing Support

Unparalleled support keeps you focused on growing your business while our software handles the rest.

Leading Products

Our sweepstakes and contests platforms and have social engagement baked in.

Powerful Analytics

Track and analyze all aspects of your promotions and your influencers performance.

Brands and Influencers answer questions and provide insights into the future of their industries.

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