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ViralSweep has partnered with JewelScent to help them hit their 2014 revenue and marketing goals utilizing giveaways.

Establishing a Baseline for JewelScent

February 26, 2014

Wow… just wow.

We couldn't wait to write this post after hearing the results of JewelScent's first giveaway in our Growth Series.

Let's get to it…

The Giveaway

JewelScent’s first promotion lasted for a week, beginning Thursday February 6th and ending on Thursday February 13th.

The goal for the promotion was to have JewelScent promote this giveaway only to their audience, which would help us establish a baseline and gauge their audience size.

We wanted to start the series with a very basic concept, so we helped JewelScent craft their first promotion around a Valentine’s Day theme.

The giveaway was promoted by JewelScent through their email list, and Facebook page. No other promotional methods were used.


The Value Proposition

The value proposition is one of the most important pieces of a giveaway.

We preach this to all of our customers. The prize that is given away is a huge factor in determining how successful a giveaway will be. If the prize is not suitable for the audience you are targeting, it will not perform as well as it should.

When creating the value proposition for JewelScent’s first giveaway, it was quite obvious it would be their jewelry candles, which are their most popular and sought after product.

For the giveaway, 4 winners had the chance to win any JewelScent candle of their choice, and the winners were also able to select the size of the ring that came in the candle.

The Design

The Giveaway's Design

Giveaway Screenshot

Deeper Into Design

A simple giveaway still requires great execution.

In order to have a successful promotion, you need to pay attention to the fine details. The preparations may be time consuming and you may just want to get your giveaway launched, but you will end up shooting yourself in the foot if you don't prepare beforehand.

A tasteful appearance is important in establishing trust for your giveaway. If you have a clean design, eye-catching imagery, and a simple entry process, your results will speak for themselves.

Sticking with the Valentine's Day theme, we created an attractive background image using JewelScent’s logo along with a red glow.

We then modified JewelScent’s product images to fit the color scheme established with the seductive background. To grab people’s attention, we included 2 images of their candles, and 2 images of their beautiful rings that people can find inside of their candles.

The title of the giveaway is also important in attracting people. Sharing giveaways occurs a lot on social media, so the title should be appealing (and as straightforward as possible) since it is usually the first thing people will see. The title of this giveaway was ‘Valentine’s Giveaway: Win a JewelScent Jewelry Candle’.

Post-Entry Emails

JewelScent Apple Candle JewelScent Ring JewelScene Lavender Cande JewelScent Ring 2

Post-Entry Emails

The next part of the promotion that JewelScent put together were their email templates. They set up a new email list in their MailChimp account and then they connected their giveaway to MailChimp (a ViralSweep feature). This integration allowed email addresses from the giveaway to be sent into MailChimp, which enabled JewelScent to send email notifications to the entrants.

Launch Email

Launch Email

Here is the email that JewelScent sent out to their entire email list, which announces the giveaway. As you can see, it’s extremely simple, plays into the Valentine’s Day theme, and directs people to enter the sweepstakes.

JewelScent Promotion Entry

Entry Confirmation

Once someone entered JewelScent’s giveaway, they received an email thanking them for their entry, asking them to add JewelScent to their contact list, and telling them how to get more chances to win.

JewelScent Consolation Email

Consolation Email

After the giveaway came to a close, JewelScent sent an email out to everyone who entered, but did not end up winning. Here is what that email looked like:

JewelScent Winner Email

Winner Email

The winners of the giveaway received a separate email, congratulating them on winning, and providing them with the additional steps they need to take in order to claim their prize.

Mini Case Study

How to leverage the situation when a winner is unresponsive

One winner didn’t claim their prize, so instead of drawing a new winner, JewelScent got creative with it. They took to their Facebook page, announcing the names of the 3 winners who responded, and then they let everyone know that the 4th winner didn’t respond so they had an extra candle to give away.

JewelScent then held a giveaway on their Facebook timeline, instructing their fans to comment on the post with "I would love a JewelScent candle". The comment with the most likes would be the winner.

This clever giveaway ended up getting 237 shares, 543 likes, and a massive 1,128 comments.

The more engaged your Facebook audience is, the more likely your content is to show up on their News Feeds. Encouraging their audience to take part in the giveaway on Facebook helped the post spread, which put JewelScent in more of their fans' News Feeds.

The Promotion

JewelScent Facebook

The Promotion

To determine the current reach of JewelScent’s network, we decided that this first promotion would act as a baseline test. JewelScent promoted this to their current email subscribers and Facebook fans only. They did not post it on other social networks, they did not advertise it on their site, and they did not use any other promotional methods.

They sent it to their 63,167 email subscribers, and on Facebook they posted it to their 100,000+ Facebook fans.

MailChimp Logo
Facebook Screenshot 1

Their Facebook post announcing the promotion on February 6th received 941 likes, 437 shares, and 138 comments.

Facebook Screenshot 2

They posted again on February 11th reminding people to enter the giveaway before it ended and this post received 2,474 likes, 1,374 shares, and 246 comments.

Giveaway Costs

Before we begin discussing the results of their first promotion, first lets discuss the costs that were associated with it.

  • JewelScent is on ViralSweep’s $49/month plan.
  • (4) $25 candles given away for a total of $100.
  • It cost JewelScent $100 to send out the emails to their list about the giveaway.

In total, the cost for this single giveaway was $249.

The Results

Promotion Results

The Results

Giveaway Visits




Conversion Rate


JewelScent generated some amazing results for their very first giveaway. Considering it was only a short, 7-day giveaway which was promoted entirely to their own network, we were blown away!

The promotion went live on February 6th, at 9AM PST.

  • By 10AM PST, there were already 1,460 entries, with a 65% conversion rate.
  • By 11AM PST, there were 2,300 entries, with a 64% conversion rate.
  • By 12PM PST, there were 2,700 entries with a 63% conversion rate.

Social Growth

Run your own giveaway.

We encourage you to follow along and build your giveaway as you read this series. It takes just minutes to set up your first promotion!

Social Media Growth

JewelScent decided to focus on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram for this promotion, featuring these social profiles on their giveaway. This means that once a user entered, they would be presented with several actions (like sharing, liking, pinning, and following) to gain additional entries.

All the stats below have been compiled using the analytics available within ViralSweep, as well as combining a few services that show any sharing that occurred outside of the giveaway.

Facebook Growth



Shares from giveaway


Other Shares


Total Shares


Likes from giveaway


Other Lkes


Total Likes


Comments from giveaway


Other Comments


Total Comments



Followers from giveaway


Total Followers


Follower Growth


Tweets from giveaway


Other Tweets


Total Tweets



Followers from giveaway


Total Followers


Follower Growth


Pins from giveaway



Followers from giveaway


Total Followers


Follower Growth



Starting Email Subscribers


New emails from giveaway


Ending Email Subscribers


Of the 15,675 people that entered the giveaway, 3,431 were new people that JewelScent did not yet have on their email list. This means that about 22% of people that entered the giveaway were entirely new people that were brought in by JewelScent’s current network.

JewelScent had 63,167 email subscribers at the beginning of the giveaway. At the end of the giveaway they had 73,637. The giveaway directly contributed 3,431 of these emails to their list, while the rest came organically.

Revenue Breakdown

JewelScent’s goal is to get to $2 million in revenue before the end of quarter 1 (March 31, 2014). As of our last post on January 28th, they were 20% of the way there at $400,000 in revenue. As of today, they are sitting at $1,088,350.12 which is 54% of the way towards their goal, up 34% since our last post.

Direct Revenue

Direct Revenue

In order to track revenue that came directly from the giveaway, we used a tracking link on the button that people would click to go to JewelScent’s website after they entered the giveaway. In addition, JewelScent provided everyone with a 10% off coupon to use on their purchase.

$11,659.33 in direct revenue was generated

Almost $12,000 came directly from people who entered the giveaway. The campaign only ran for 7 days, so that is an average of $1665.61 in revenue per day!

Indirect Revenue

Indirect Revenue

$7,117.16 was generated indirectly

JewelScent communicated with the entrants throughout the duration of the promotion via Facebook and email. After the giveaway ended, everyone that didn’t win was sent an email with a 10% off coupon. Through this communication, an additional $7,117.16 was generated.

Return On Investment

Total Revenue


Total revenue generated from this promotion was $18,776.49. WOW! That means $2,862.35 in revenue was generated per day. JewelScent really knocked it out of the park with this one and exceeded all of our expectations.

JewelScent expects to generate $13,000 in new revenue from the new customers that they acquired from this promotion, given their customers' current expected lifetime value.

Return On Investment


The total cost to run the promotion was $249. Total revenue generated from the promotion was $18,776.49. This means that overall, the promotion had an ROI of 7440.76%.

If we just take the revenue that was generated directly from the giveaway ($11,659.33), the ROI would be 4582.46%.

The Good & The Bad

What went well...

We asked JewelScent what they thought of their first promotion, and what they think could be done better for the next one.

To start, they really loved the virality of the giveaway and how much sharing took place. Brand exposure and getting people to become familiar with their products is something that they are trying to achieve each and every day through their marketing efforts.

What to change...

The only thing JewelScent felt they should change for their next giveaway is to indicate on the landing page the maximum number of entries people can receive in the promotion.

Apparently, several people called their customer service line about this, so they felt that indicating this information on the page would be very helpful for their customers.

JewelScent's Q1 2014 Goals

Each post will show progress from the last update.



Goal Revenue$2 million

Goal Email Subscribers100,000

Goal Facebook Likes300,000

Goal Twitter Followers10,000

Goal Pinterest Followers10,000

Goal Instagram Followers10,000

What To Expect

We’ll be getting a bit more aggressive in the coming weeks to try and help JewelScent hit some of their Q1 goals. We plan to launch at least 2 or 3 more giveaways in the month of March.

The next promotion that we launch will be similar to the first promotion, but Steven and I will be using some of our own promotional methods in order to help JewelScent reach a wider audience outside of their own network. We'll show how we handle securing co-promotion and partnerships and—of course—share the numbers involved.

The series will run for roughly 90 days, but our goal is to continue learning alongside JewelScent and publish reports for as long as we can—so long as we’re able to consistently share educational and interesting information.

You should join us on this journey by signing up for the newsletter below. You’ll receive an email when a new post is published in the series so you can follow along.

Growth Series Update

JewelScent's second giveaway continues the momentum

Learn how JewelScent leveraged outside communities to boost their St. Patrick's Day giveaway results, which pulled brought an impressive $15,439.37 in additional revenue for the company.

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