The Growth Series

ViralSweep has partnered with JewelScent to help them hit their 2014 revenue and marketing goals utilizing giveaways.

The Journey of JewelScent

January 28, 2014

We’ve been in the sweepstakes space for over 5 years and have helped thousands of brands run successful promotions. We get two questions all the time (several times a day):

1. Do sweepstakes and giveaways work?

2. How do we use giveaways to grow our business?

Rather than write a blog post answering these questions, we thought we’d show you. We reached out to some of our favorite customers, inviting them to get hands-on and show exactly what goes into building promotions that spark real growth for businesses.

This post will escalate into a bi-weekly blog series where we’ll be using ViralSweep to help grow key metrics of JewelScent's business: sales, revenue, customers, traffic, social media followers, etc.

You’ll get a behind the scenes look at everything we do, so you can see exactly how we use giveaways to grow this business.

Meet JewelScent

JewelScent Logo

We’re privileged to be partnered with a great young brand named JewelScent.

JewelScent sells candles, soaps, and aromatherapy beads with a hidden jewel inside valued from $10 to $7500. Their unique products are made in the USA, their product market is young, and it’s an absolutely fascinating opportunity.

JewelScent signed up for ViralSweep a few months ago and upgraded to one of our paid plans right as Steven and I were planning out what to do in 2014. We took a deeper look at their business and learned the story behind JewelScent and felt that they would be a perfect candidate for a demonstrative blog series.

JewelScent's Story

JewelScent's Origins

Cathie Lee was growing frustrated with buying candles that didn’t smell great or last long and started looking into making her own. After stumbling across a quirky candle product on the market that surprises the customer by including a ring inside, she decided to make her own version with the help of her husband—who has over 10 years of experience in the jewelry manufacturing business.

She knew that the candle was a great idea, but Cathie didn’t want to limit herself to just the candle market. Thinking creatively, she developed lines of aroma beads and soaps that also had surprise jewelry embedded within. To turn her vision into a reality, Cathie partnered with a local manufacturer.

A lesson in patience struck quickly as handling the logistics of procuring high-quality materials and manufacturing together had proven difficult.

Cathie Lee of JewelScent Cathie Lee of JewelScent

On July 23, 2013, JewelScent launched their site. On their first day they brought in a whopping two sales, netting them $50 in revenue.

They knew this was going to be tough…

Through a lot of trial and error with marketing, iterating their products, and gathering customer feedback, JewelScent was able to build momentum and are currently seeing massive growth.

Their customers love the quality of their scented products and the fact that they can actually choose the size of the ring hidden inside.

This attention to detail has paid off: in the last quarter of 2013, JewelScent crossed the 7-figure mark in sales.

JewelScent's 2014 Goals

Manufacturing Process of JewelScent Manufacturing Process of JewelScent

JewelScent's Q1 2014 Goals

Each post will show progress from the last update.

Revenue$2 million20%

Email Subscribers100,00058%

Facebook Likes300,00033%

Pinterest Followers10,0001%

Instagram Followers10,0001%

What To Expect

Every two weeks we’ll publish a new report detailing the logistics behind each promotion we launch with JewelScent and how they perform. We’ll break down each giveaway to analyze the underlying strategies, design, promotion, and performance (how much closer it brought JewelScent to reaching their goals).

We’ll even dive into more advanced topics like tracking revenue generated from each giveaway, the tactics used to convert giveaway entrants into JewelScent customers, and much more.

The series will run for roughly 90 days, but our goal is to continue learning alongside JewelScent and publish reports for as long as we can—so long as we’re able to consistently share educational and interesting information.

You should join us on this journey by signing up for the newsletter below. You’ll receive an email when a new post is published in the series so you can follow along.

Growth Series Update

JewelScent's first giveaway made $18,776.49

We break down every part of JewelScent's first giveaway in the Growth Series: all the analytics, all the costs, and all the revenue! Plus a few lessons learned and a bit of insight into where JewelScent is going next!

About The Authors

Giancarlo Massaro

Giancarlo Massaro

ViralSweep Co-Founder. Alumnus of Sacred Heart University. Serial Entrepreneur.

Steven Kovar

Steven Kovar

ViralSweep Co-Founder. University of Texas alumnus. Previously: AppSumo, NASA.

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