The Advanced Guide To Partner Promotions

Learn how to acquire partners and launch a successful co-marketing promotion.

Why we wrote this guide

We want to help you use co-marketing as a tool that allows you to take your promotions a step further. Co-marketing will help you and your partners quickly grow your businesses with minimal costs.

We’ve found that co-marketing, or partner promotions, have several obstacles that tend to paralyze brands and prevent them from even starting because: they are unsure of where to find partners, how to approach partners, and how to setup and market the promotion.

This guide will walk you every step of the way… helping you navigate your way from beginning to end so that you can launch a successful partner promotion.

Why Partner Promotions?

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The benefits of running partner promotions

Running a sweepstakes with just your own brand can be very successful, but have you ever thought about running a sweepstakes with several other businesses that compliment your brand?

The biggest benefit of co-marketing is that every brand involved in the promotion gets increased exposure for their business. Every participating party comes to an agreement on what they will be contributing, which usually involves a dedicated email blast to their list, as well as posts on their social profiles. When you’re working with multiple brands that have sizeable audiences, you’re increasing exposure for your business, while growing your email list and social profiles at the same time.

This huge advantage over single promotions usually come at little to no expense, because every partner is contributing an equal amount to the promotion, and everyone is splitting the email opt-ins.

Who are partner promotions for?


Bands, Promoters, etc.


Designers, Boutiques, etc.

Food & Drink

Restaurants, Bars, etc.


Teams, Apparel, etc.


Bloggers, Marketers, etc.


Authors, Athletes, Celebs

They're for anybody

Partner promotions can be used with just about any type of business, and they can even be used for both B2C and B2B.

You don’t necessarily need to be running a sweepstakes for a partner promotion either (though that is what this guide will primarily focus on). Co-marketing allows you to partner with other brands to promote your content, infographics, videos, products, services, events, etc.

Co-marketing allows you to partner with other brands to promote your content, infographics, videos, products, services, events, etc.

Part I: Introduction to Co-Marketing

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