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We hope the information we've provided will help you in building up your email list, social audiences, and growing your business. We also want to thank Lauren Appelwick for taking the time to provide us with amazing insight into the world of co-marketing.

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We also built a Partner Network to help brands using ViralSweep to find partners they might have otherwise never considered. The network boasts over 1,000 brands and is growing daily.

Check out the profile for Netted by the Webbys created by our co-author of this very guide, Lauren!

What are the perks of joining the ViralSweep Network?

  • Find Brands

    Find the perfect partners in the ViralSweep Network to invite to your upcoming campaign.

  • Hire Influencers

    Find the right influencers to promote your next campaign—every step easily handled in-app.

  • Message In-App

    Skip the giant email chains. Coordinate your next campaign with ViralSweep's in-app messaging.

  • Assign Permissions

    Ensure each partner contributes equally by setting data permissions and performance expectations.

  • Beautiful Profiles

    Give your brand the perfect first impression with a beautifully designed profile.

Join the ViralSweep Network

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