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Display Social Proof Using ViralSweep’s Fomo Integration

October 19, 2017
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Today we’re releasing an integration with Fomo. You can use Fomo to increase sales and conversions by showcasing customer interactions on your website.

Fomo integration example

People are shopping on your website, purchasing items, subscribing to your newsletter, and entering promotions on a daily basis. A normal website visitor cannot see the actions others are taking on your website, until now.

How does Fomo work?

Fomo integrates seamlessly into hundreds of apps, allowing you to showcase recent customer interactions on your website.

Who can use Fomo?

Run a Shopify store? With just a few clicks you can have Fomo installed on your store and display recent purchases on your homepage.

Want to show notifications across your site whenever someone subscribes to your Mailchimp list? Fomo does it.

How about showing off recent reviews left on your products? Fomo can do that.

Running a ViralSweep sweepstakes and want to encourage website visitors to enter? You guessed it! Fomo does it now, with a ViralSweep integration!

What is ‘social proof’?

According to Wikipedia…

Social proof (also known as informational social influence) is a psychological and social phenomenon… when a person is in a situation where they are unsure of the correct way to behave, they will often look to others for cues concerning the correct behavior.

Using social proof for your business

One of the most widely used forms of social proof is testimonials or reviews.

If you’re on Amazon about to purchase a product, what’s the first thing you do? Read the reviews.

Maybe you don’t sell physical products, but software or a service. When people are browsing your sales pages, one of the first things they look for are testimonials from others who have been successful using your service.

Don’t miss out!

This is why social proof is so powerful—people look to others in order to find cues on what action they should be taking.

Using Fomo, you can show a variety of actions people are taking across your website, which not only boosts your credibility but also convinces people that they could be missing out.

This leads to higher conversions across the board.

Hence Fomo’s name: “fear of missing out.”

Using Fomo can get your more ViralSweep leads.

What’s cool about Fomo is that you can get visitors to learn what your best customers are doing on your website that they might be missing out on.

For example, if you launched a sweepstakes and just sent it out to your email list and posted it across all of your social channels, your new website visitors won’t even know about it.

There’s a good chance they’ll want to enter too, and you can use Fomo to turn them into leads.

fomo example

How does the Fomo integration work?

Our Fomo integration is as simple as pasting your Fomo auth token into ViralSweep and clicking a button to create a Fomo template.

The whole process takes 5 seconds.

You can immediately show notifications on your website which display recent entries to your sweepstakes or contest.

viralsweep fomo setup

What data will ViralSweep pass to Fomo?

The Fomo integration will pass through the appropriate data to pre-fill most of the default Fomo variables, which include:

  • First Name: {{first_name}}
  • Province (State): {{province}}
  • Country: {{country}}
  • Title (of your ViralSweep campaign): {{title}}
  • Title with link (title of your ViralSweep campaign with a link to it): {{title_with_link}}
  • URL (link to your ViralSweep campaign): {{url}}
  • Time (time of the ViralSweep entry): {{time_ago}}

Learn More

To get more information on our Fomo integration, including the setup process and troubleshooting tips, see our Fomo documentation.

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