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By ViralSweep®

Collect, curate, and display beautiful user generated content.

The Contest Platform For

Collect UGC

Collect user generated content like photos and collect video submissions from Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, Twitch, Vimeo, and YouTube.

Beautiful Gallery

Display a beautiful gallery that can be embedded anywhere and works on desktop and mobile devices.

Contest Moderation

Set manual or automatic approval for user generated content (UGC) featured in your contests.

Direct Gallery Links

Increase engagement by allowing users to link directly to their photo or video submissions within the gallery.

Contest Voting

Allow people vote on contest submissions and even collect voter information before a vote can be cast.

Fraud Detection

Voting permissions, geo-location restrictions, and spam filters ensure only legitimate votes are registered.

Create photo contests.

Photo contests.

Build, run, and manage beautiful and simple photo contests.
Private or public.

Collect submissions privately or display them in a public gallery.

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Create video contests.

Video contests.

Build, run, and manage video contests. Accept entries from popular video sites.
Supported video sites.

Allow video submissions from Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, Twitch, Vimeo, and YouTube.

See example

Collect votes on submissions or allow for judging.

Voting and judging.

Collect votes on submissions or allow for judging. Collect voter information like name and email before votes can be cast.
Voting restrictions.

Limit voting to specific regions or set specific voting rules.

Collect user generated contest.

User generated content.

Collect content from your brand's biggest advocates.

Display contest submissions in a beautiful gallery.

Embeddable gallery.

Showcase collected UGC in a standalone gallery on your site or Facebook Page.

Link users directly to their contest submission.

Direct gallery links.

Provide users a direct link to their contest submission for them to share.

Powerful moderation features give you full control.
Contest moderation.

Any submission to your contest can be approved or denied.

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Allow users to include a caption with their submission.
Submission captions.

Allow for captions with photo and video submissions.

Join thousands of brands using ViralSweep.

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Collect emails with ViralSweep

Rapidly grow your email list.

ViralSweep offers a variety of different ways to capture emails, with contests being one of the most powerful.
The quickest and most affordable way to grow your list.

Growing your email list should be one of the most important goals for your business.

Example of ViralSweeo's social actions.

Expand your social reach.

Incentivize users with bonus entries for having them perform actions.

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Incentivize users to share, follow, and refer friends.

Reward users for visiting a website, watching a video, posting a Tweet, following on Instagram, and more.

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Translate into any language

Translate into any language.

Open ended fields allow you to translate into any language.

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Display multiple languages

Display multiple languages.

Translate campaigns into several languages at one time.

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Segment your audience.

Segment your audience.

Filter your entrants across all of your campaigns.

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Viral growth with referrals.
Referrals for viral growth.

Entrants can refer their friends to earn additional entries.

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Connect ViralSweep to a variety of services.
Third party integrations.

Quickly connect ViralSweep to your favorite services.

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Mobile ready contests.

Mobile optimized.

No extra work involved. Your contest is mobile ready.

Embed ViralSweep anywhere

Embed anywhere.

Run a contest on your website, blog, or Facebook.

Customize your entry forms.

Customizable forms.

Collect just an email address or add custom form fields.

Multiple contest formats.

Installation is easy—just copy and paste a snippet of code.

ViralSweep Full Page contest template.
Full Page
ViralSweep Widget contest template.
ViralSweep Lightbox contest template.

Join thousands of brands using ViralSweep.

Have your first campaign ready in minutes.
Style your contest however you like.

Tools to match your brand's style.

Premade themes.

One click and your promotion has a look of its own. Choose from 12 templates or create your own.

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Custom CSS.

Create your own theme or modify our existing styles. Fine-tune the smaller details of your promotion.

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Single, daily, or weekly contest entry.

Single, daily, weekly.

Have people enter once, or keep them coming back.

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Run contest at trade shows and events.

Events mode.

Hassle-free contests for trade shows and events.

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Require a code to enter your contest.

Entry codes.

Require entrants to type in a special code before entering.

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ViralSweep A/B Testing.

A/B testing.

Test variations of your promotion for the best conversion rate.

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Unlimited variations.

See which variation is bringing the most entries, referrals, followers, or likes.

Real-time analytics and insights.

Real-time analytics.

Actionable data that helps you evaluate each contest.

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Sales tracking.

Track revenue generated from customers who enter your promotions.

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ViralSweep tracks…

Entry Data

View promotion visits, entries, conversion rate, total entries, website clicks, and referrals.

Social Data

View shares and follows across social media profiles. All major social networks.

Referral Data

A breakdown of referral sources and how many people came from each source.

Technical Data

A simplified breakdown of which devices your visitors are using—desktop vs. mobile.

Display users' ranks based on entries and referrals.


Display users' rank based on entries or referrals.

See example

Social proof.

Add a sense of competition by showcasing the leaders.

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Instantly send contest entrants an email notification.

Email notifications.

Send an automated email to every single person who enters your contest.

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Customizable Emails.

Send using your own name and email address. You can even add HTML or use your own email template.

Viral growth with referrals.

Lock down your contest to specific geographic locations.

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Automatically track sources and create unique tracking links.


See the performance of traffic sources.
Custom tracking links.

Generate your own links and track entries from specific sources.

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Automated source tracking.

See which traffic sources are driving entries to your contest.

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Redirect entrants to any URL after entry

Entry redirect.

Redirect entrants to any URL as soon as they enter.

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Use our official contest rules template for your promotion.

Rules generator.

Use our official rules template for your contest.

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Use our contest spam filter to block or allow certain types of behavior.

Spam filter.

Prevent cheating by controlling the spam filter settings.

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ViralSweep offers industry-leading customer support.

Unparalleled support.

Their customer service is absolutely unparalleled. If you don't have a dedicated development team to do the work, they are the solution. Does it sound like I'm gushing? ViralSweep is in fact even better than that.
Pavia Rosati
Founder & CEO, Fathom

Join thousands of brands using ViralSweep.

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Easy to use.

Viralsweep is easy-to-use and the fastest, most cost-effective way to set up a full-service, compliant promotion. Giancarlo and the team are incredibly responsive and helpful when working through custom requests.
Courtney Harwood
SVP Marketing, Keep
Keep Testimonilal

Build and execute.

There is no better way to build and execute promotions than ViralSweep. Period. I’m consistently amazed at the ease with which they make complicated processes a breeze.
Pavia Rosati
Founder & CEO, Fathom
Fathom Testimonial

1000% ROI.

ViralSweep has been a key tool in growing our social following and our email lists. We've seen ROI's of over 1000% from revenue generated directly from our ViralSweep managed giveaways.
Derin oyekan
Co-Founder, JewelScent
JewelScent Testimonial

Above the rest.

As an agency, we tried several sweepstakes applications for our clients. ViralSweep is head and shoulders above the rest.
Denise Keniston
CEO, Web4Retail
Web4Retail Testimonial

Better than Facebook.

ViralSweep did what both Sumo and Facebook ads couldn’t do for us in months.
Gonzalo Sanchez
Director of Marketing, Evelo
Evelo Testimonial

One of the best.

ViralSweep is one of the best tools we use for running sweepstakes and giveaways.
Matt Navara
Community Director, The Next Web
The Next Web Testimonial

Real results.

We have been doing online giveaways for years, but it wasn’t until we found ViralSweep that these promotions began to provide real results. Our social media channels and our email marketing lists have grown exponentially with Viralsweep.
Chrissy Hansen
Marketing Director, Chicago Music Exchange
Chicago Music Exchange Testminoial

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Need some case studies?

Top brands use ViralSweep to generate new business.

How FlySafair generated over 150,000 sweepstakes entries and 30,000 ticket sales.
Using exclusivity to turn social fans into 23,489 Bruce Lee insiders.
Bruce Lee
A ring in every candle. JewelScent generated $34,215 in revenue with two sweepstakes.
Over $50,000 in revenue from sweepstakes leads selling recycled golf balls.
Nearly $40,000 in sales within 12 days after EVELO’s first sweepstakes.
Nearly $40,000 in sales within 12 days after EVELO’s first sweepstakes.

Join thousands of brands using ViralSweep.

Have your first campaign ready in minutes.