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Review from G2 Crowd Best In Class Across the Board

Zamage Review from Shopify App Store

Amazing App! We gained over 5,000 new emails and sms on our first campaign! Highly recommend!! Customer support is amazing and answered every question I had to make sure my campaign was successful!

William B Review from G2 Crowd

ViralSweep looked nice, especially compared to the competition, and fit into our existing site to just build a landing page that was on brand and style for us.

Use it. Try it once, and I doubt you'll go else where. Any questions, contact their team on chat. Very responsive during business hours.

User in Design Review from G2 Crowd

I needed help getting our contest embedded into our site and was given so much immediate attention and their team member even logged into our site and added the code for me.

I had used another contest software in the past and it was very good, BUT customer support is everything when you're stuck.

The contestants are bringing a lot of attention to our site, which equates to more sales.

EVGWARS Review from Shopify App Store

Giancarlo has been incredibly helpful and flexible with the needs of my business. This is our first ever giveaway promotion, and he has alleviated any and all anxiety that has come with this new process.

ViralSweep legal services have been very quick and responsive. The application is user-friendly and has tons of features.

Highly recommend.

Cat in the Box Review from Shopify App Store

Wow. I can't say enough good things about this app and the customer service I received while using it.

ViralSweep handled all the details of my first giveaway. It made my contest feel professional and well-run, and enabled me to grow my email list by 4000 subscribers, my Facebook page by 700 followers, my Instagram page by 600 followers, and my Pinterest page by 500 followers. I even stopped advertising on FB after the first two weeks and it really did go viral!

I had several questions, since this was my first giveaway, and I got immediate answers from Giancarlo. I mean IMMEDIATE. I will definitely be using this again!!

Ronin Factory Review from Shopify App Store

Amazing team! Would highly recommend. They have lots of features and are able to help make custom features!

upshiftjdm Review from Shopify App Store

Giancarlo has helped me set up my sweepstakes multiple times! Been a great help.

And the app works seamlessly with my store. Very excited to launch. And again, HUGE shout out and thanks to Giancarlo!

Drive Theory Review from Shopify App Store

Very good app with excellent customer service. I would high recommend this app to anyone that runs any sort of sweepstakes or raffle promotion. It is well worth the price and saves you a lot of time. Review from Shopify App Store

Amazing Customer service and app!

Works exactly how I expected and the pricing is good for the sales you can get from it if you use it properly.

Ridin' Dirty Inc Review from Shopify App Store

This app is awesome. Exactly as advertised and runs very smooth.

The team behind it is amazing. I've been dealing with Giancarlo and he's super friendly and helped me every step of the way. I've had to do so many adjustments and he's happily done them for me and resolved any issues I had.

Truly a great guy and these guys have a great team. I'll definitely continue to use them moving forward and I highly recommend them if you're looking for this kind of service.

DALIS GLOBAL Review from Shopify App Store

ViralSweep is an amazing app to run our promotions. There are so many variable we can use to customize our giveaway to our needs. The process was quick to set up. We really liked adding bonus periods that engage more checkouts during our giveaway.

Also, any questions we had were answered within 5 minutes by Giancarlo and the staff. Truly one of my favorite apps on Shopify

Full Send Diesel Review from Shopify App Store

Normally I only leave reviews when I get horrible customer service, but this is not the case. I am so pleased with ViralSweep that I had to come on here and leave them a review.

First off, I’ve gone from $40k in sales a month to $250k+ a month in sales—given it wasn’t them that made that happen but without their app I wouldn’t have been able to do it.

I sent a feature request not thinking they would ever remember to email me back. Sure enough, yesterday I got an email back saying they added the feature, and on top of that they made a 4 minute video specifically for me showing me how it works, then on top of that they went onto my site and did some new integrations for me free of charge because I didn’t know how to do them.

This customer service is better than I would’ve ever expected. No BS when I say this, I’m a regular guy and seriously they are that awesome that I had to come here and leave this review because they deserve the heck out of it!

Folded Steel Review from Shopify App Store

The customer service is top-notch. So far the platform has served us well for our giveaway.

We have used other platforms that were not as straight to the point as Viral Sweep.

Ride Clutch Review from Shopify App Store

ViralSweep has been one of the most amazing app experiences I’ve had thus far.

Customer service is extremely responsive and the owner is the one who is typically responding to customer service tickets. Talk about dedication.

On top of that, the app has so many intuitive features to help bring your marketing game to the next level.

Thank you Viral Sweep and Giancarlo for making my life 10 times easier!

LevelUpRN Review from Shopify App Store

We love this app.

It has helped us run successful contests and sweepstakes. We also have used the contest feature in a slightly modified way to suit our specific needs, and there are so many features and functionality that we were able to make this work! Support has been EXTREMELY helpful.

You know, on Shopify stores you use a lot of apps… but you really really value the ones where support is helpful, engaged, understands what you are asking, and works with you to find ingenious solutions.

That always stands out and makes my day. I highly recommend Viralsweep for this reason.

Dr. Dabber Review from Shopify App Store

Fantastic app with a fantastic support team. Literally saved us thousands in custom dev work using Viralsweep and we couldn't recommend it highly enough.

Polysleep Canada Review from Shopify App Store

ViralSweep is simply incredible! We looked at multiple sweepstakes platforms, however, none of them had the robust options we needed to aggregate all our contests, influencer campaigns and user-generated content collection to one platform. ViralSweep has literally an option for anything we could think of!

On top of that, Giancarlo, the founder, took time out of his schedule to give our company a full presentation and overview of ViralSweep's capabilities. When I have any questions, he's incredibly fast to answer and always brings a solution.

You simply cannot beat this platform for the value you get.

CharityExchange Review from Shopify App Store

Nothing on Shopify does what ViralSweep can do...

Regardless of the functionality, Giancarlo one of the co-founders has provided (and this is a bold claim) the best service on any app I've ever used.

Absolute legend. Download, you won't regret it.

4Patriots Review from Shopify App Store

The ViralSweep support staff is always so helpful, and so prompt to answer.

I've reached out a lot to ask various things, and there has never been a time when they haven't been able to help me, even when it's concerning a question that also involves another platform, such as using Zapier to connect ViralSweep to another system, or even making custom edits on our page in Shopify where we're hosting the ViralSweep lander.

100% impressed by their customer support.

Pedaltrain Review from Shopify App Store

We have used Viral Sweep for almost a year, with great success. We've managed giveaways around the world and it just works.

Easy to set up even for this non-tech business person. Hardly scratched the surface of what it can do. Review from Shopify App Store

I used this app to help grow our email list and better organize the CX of a giveaway. I strongly recommend this app after (seriously) increasing our email subscription 10x and having a very smooth customer experience.

Obsessed Garage Review from Shopify App Store

We've used the Purchases app for multiple sweepstakes and have tracked thousands of orders without problems and selected our winner without a problem! Giancarlo is awesome and responds quickly!

If you're looking for an app to run sweepstakes on something like a car this is the app you want! It makes life so much easier!

Wondery Review from Shopify App Store

This app is very easy to use and has some of the best customer service I've experienced with a shopify integrated app. Giancarlo responded to my messages within a few minutes and worked with me to figure out any questions I had.

If you are thinking about it, I definitely recommend.

I Want In Review from Shopify App Store

ViralSweep is absolutely integral for what we do. The team and support is absolutely first class, one of (if not the best) we've experienced whilst building our store.

I cannot recommend the app enough, it's absolutely packed with features and if there's something is doesn't do, reach out and the team and sure to help you out!

James G Review from G2 Crowd

Honestly the best customer service I've ever experienced.

The support from ViralSweep in answering every single question I had was absolutely amazing. There were no short answers or overly technical explanations, but rather great logic and simple answers that made implementing the desired changes so easy.

ViralSweep has met all of our needs and exceeded our expectations.

Samson & Charlie Review from Shopify App Store

We were looking for an app that would integrate well with our social media accounts, Shopify store, and email campaign manager. This does the job and is beyond easy to get your promotion published in no time.

The big tick for me is the support with giveaway rules that helps keep us retailers compliant to local legislation. Support is very proficient.

I wish all Apps worked this well.

Behave Bras Review from Shopify App Store

This app was fantastic for our business! It does every single thing we need it to with our ambassador program, is easy to use and design, and the customer service is exceptional.

I am able to message the founder with questions as I build out our weekly sweeps and he is super responsive and quick with help every time. Even their tutorials are great! Worth every single penny. I wish every app we used on Shopify had this kind of service.


Neil M Review from G2 Crowd

There is no better marketing tool than word of mouth, and ViralSweep helps to improve your online word of mouth reach by incentivizing your current and new subscribers to share your products/services.

It's very effective for companies who are in a niche industry as finding new, relevant leads or targeted audiences can be a challenge - especially on a local or regional level.

KSResin Review from Shopify App Store

Best app and customer service available on the app store.

Incredible customization options for nearly everything you could think of. Ease of use, as well as overall look is fantastic. Customer service is responsive and extremely willing to help.

10/10, and we generally do not rate apps. This one deserves it.

Healist Naturals Review from Shopify App Store

We just started using this app and we are amazed so far by their customer support. They have been very responsive and helpful solving our issues quickly and efficiently.

Chesserfeld Rugs Review from Shopify App Store

We are using this app to grow our email list and social media following. The app is phenomenal.

It is easy to use and customer service is excellent. Giancarlo was very quick to respond to our questions.

I tried another app previously and found it difficult to navigate. ViralSweep is easy to navigate and we had our contest up and running in short order. Our contest has now gone viral, thanks to ViralSweep.

Julie C. Review from Capterra

Viralsweep makes marketing easy.

We wanted to increase the return on our social media activities. Viralsweep allowed us to convert Facebook/Instagram browsers into real leads, to expand our email list, and develop real shopping customer traffic.

Running contests on Social Media is complex, but this software makes it easy. Most important, the support is awesome. We receive quick, complete and accurate answers to our questions.

Steve M. Review from Capterra

ViralSweep is exactly what we were looking for when we needed a contest program that we could afford and could tailor to our needs. There support during setup was great!

Customer in Consumer Goods Review from Capterra

As a PR agency owner, we've used ViralSweep for multiple different brands and reasons, and we're always happy at the end.

I especially like how you can put your account on pause so you're not wasting unnecessary budget during months a campaign isn't planned.

Mark A Review from Capterra

ViralSweep is a great software for running contests, submitting entry forms and collecting emails.

I love that we're able to export the winning names and emails into an Excel file to send to my Email Specialist for our sends. I really love that rep, with customer support, always responds within 30 mins. Pricing and experience is much better than Woobox.

Switched from: Woobox

Kelly T Review from Capterra

ViralSweep reduces the workload for our team.

Every time I reach out with specific questions they are extremely responsive and helpful. Very satisfied with how they run business at this point.

Dominique G Review from Capterra

This was pretty easy to set up and I've had decent results. I'm planning to continue to use it and also try some of the features I haven't had a chance to try yet.

My favourite thing is that along with ease of use, ViralSweep has an Advanced Sweepstakes Guide on how to run a successful giveaway.

I've also more recently read the Guide to Partner Promotions and want to implement some of those strategies.

Stephanie T Review from Capterra

ViralSweep has helped us grow our email list and social channels exponentially! It has allowed us to reward our customers and collaborate with other companies in a fun and easy way. Worth every penny.

ViralSweep was sooooo quick to answer all of my questions/concerns.

I was comparing platforms and sent ViralSweep and a competitor an email asking questions about their platform. ViralSweep answered me back within minutes. I was able to go back and forth with them for about an hour and by the end, I didn't care to hear back from the other company.

Customer in Sports Review from Capterra

Love the different options for installing the sweepstakes. Love the ability to track Facebook comments for specific amounts of time.

This is especially useful for our users guessing scores to sporting events up until the start of the game.

I love the ability to customize the layout and look of the sweepstakes.

Customer in Health & Wellness Review from G2 Crowd

Great customer service, and ability to pause the service when not using it. We do sweepstakes about once a quarter and this is a great software to do it with.

Any time we've had questions, customer service gets back to us whithin an hour to help us fix it.

Mark A Review from G2 Crowd

I love how simple it is to change things after you've launched a sweepstakes, giveaway and contest.

We often use our contests to garner emails at home and garden shows. Make sure you utilize customer support, they're amazing..

Kevin M Review from Capterra

It's simply the best for tracking and excluding fraudulent users who typically game promotional giveaways.

There isn't a software package out there that lets you quickly create collaborative campaigns as easily as ViralSweep.

We've been using this software for 2+ years and across 40+ projects. Support is the absolute best.

Switched from: Viral Loops

Jeff K Review from G2 Crowd

ViralSweep simply works.

Ease of use and great customer service. Problems (though rare) are always addressed quickly. Implementation is smooth and easy. We use it for a couple of different types of sweeps, and have been happy withe functionality.

Jeff P Review from Capterra

The thing I like most about ViralSweep: it generates excellent results.

I have tried many others—including Wishpond and Woobox—and ViralSweep stands head and shoulders above those competitors.

Switched from: Wishpond & Woobox

Casi M Review from Capterra

Love using ViralSweep - super simple and easy to navigate - I love how the interfacing looks when all is said and done. Clean professional presentation!

Love that you can add point for IG follows / FB, Reviews etc.

It's A LOT to look at the first time you're running a sweep but once you've done it once its easy to navigate.

Ari H Review from Capterra

We were able to use our the tools available in ViralSweep to grow our email list and social channels which we can funnel into sales.

It's something we rely on daily. The team could not be more accommodating; they answer every question we have in timely fashion.

We love this software!

Frédéric P Review from Capterra

We are really satisfied with this tool. It's easy to use and it generates good results.

I like that we can connect this app to our Sendy newsletter software. With this option we can manage a whole marketing drip campaign. And the bonus entries for social actions are really boosting our social channel numbers and engagement.

Kaylah R Review from Capterra

It's very intuitive & easy to use with alot of customizable features and features that I haven't seen in other platforms. It is also aesthetically pleasing and able to be customized to match just about any client's style.

Switched from: Votigo

Customer in Retail Review from Capterra

Things I found easiest to use about this software are the templates for so many different promotion types, integration of existing software from email to analytics & how easy it was to customize it.

The customer support is also very responsive & helpful!

Orvelin V Review from Capterra

I've used it in the past while employed with another company. I recommended my current employer to also use it. We've gotten great results so far.

Everything is intuitive. The things I dislike are things that I know you cannot control, such as awarding a bonus entry for liking a Facebook page or Instagram account.

Marissa B Review from Capterra

I am able to host a giveaway and meet several KPIs: follower, email, content and engagement growth. I used ViralSweep at my previous company as well.

The platform is pretty straightforward and easy for any team to understand, set up and implement.

For the variety of goals available, ViralSweep has been great. I like that the product is customizable and can be integrated onto our website.

Ben G Review from Capterra

We utilize ViralSweep weekly and have found it to be an excellent tool for lead generation as well as for engaging our customers.

We produce events that occur once per year and use ViralSweep to make sure our customers are engaged year-round and keep our events top-of-mind, even in the offseason.

Kurt E Review from Capterra

After running dozens of giveaways as an audience-building strategy for multiple brands, I've found ViralSweep to be the best software to administrate them.

It is equal parts powerful yet easy to set up.

The one time I had an issue with my ESP integration, their support helped me promptly, coordinated with my ESP, and followed up.

Leif E Review from Capterra

As a marketer I love they that have Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics, and other tracking technology implemented so I can see what advertising I'm running is driving results.

Sara M Review from Capterra

This software is simple to use and helps us increase engagement with social posts.

We have seen great interest in our products by using ViralSweep and will continue to use this for sweepstakes and giveaways in the future.

John L Review from Capterra

Best bang for your buck. Significant cost savings from previous provider.

Support/onboarding has been great. Great integrations and willingness from VS to add more integrations.

Switched from: Votigo

Alyson B Review from Capterra

This software made it easy to run regular sweepstakes and giveaway contests as well as photo submission contests.

Customizable, easy to use, has yielded great results so far for our organization.

Yocheved S Review from Capterra

I most liked the ability to host the sweepstakes on my own website, and embed into a landing page we created.

I also liked the various options customers have to earn additional entries into the sweepstakes by answering questions or visiting social media profiles. It's also really easy to pick a winner.

Switched from: VYPER

Naomi L Review from Capterra

Easy to set up and use, love the option of getting bonus points for whatever we like (really like that we can ask questions and receive answers).

Switched from: ShortStack

Carlisle K Review from Capterra

I really like the integration flexibility with social media and other applications especially Klayvio.

I have collected over 1000 new subscribers to my newsletter in a month doing a single giveaway which is something I wish to repeat monthly. The set up is easy and it's easy to manage. I will be doing our first drawing on the 1st of September and it's literally a click of a button.

Arthur F Review from Capterra

The ease of use and functionality/stability of VS is so important to us. We run sweepstakes constantly and not having to recreate complex marketing programs each time is important to us.

Customer in Publishing Review from Capterra

We run weekly giveaways with ViralSweep, and bigger events a few times a year.

We've found it to have more options than many other sweeps tools at a better price. Overall, I've run into only very few things that we can't do with it!

Switched from: Rafflecopter

Morgan G Review from Capterra

I love the ease of use of Viralsweep. This platform is much easier to use than the program my company had previously.

Another great perk is the customer support. Whenever I have a question about Viralsweep, I always receive an answer the same day.

Tom S Review from G2 Crowd

Two things stood out to me mostly for Viralsweep. One is that the designs and delivery of the sign-up widgets are extremely clean, developer friendly, and have a decent load speed.

The other game changer for us was the ability to make a custom action. We included the option for people to receive extra entries if they bought an item. Implementing this custom action was so easy.

Customer in Media Review from G2 Crowd

The ability to run multiples campaigns at once and have visibility into the analytics are vital. Also we love how easy it is to create a new campaign, it only takes 30 min!

We run many sweepstakes at once and this allows us to manage and create new campaigns easily every week. It is so simple yet so powerful!

Emily S Review from G2 Crowd

I like how easy it is to set up and use. The builder is easy to customize as well. I like that it allows you to either just collect emails or provide an area for "bonus points" to help grow other areas of the business such as social media accounts and YouTube videos.

Past sweepstakes are also easy to view and the process of downloading entries and bonus actions is incredibly easy.

Kurt S Review from G2 Crowd

ViralSweep makes it easy to set up a sweepstakes and provides me with all of the flexibility I need to ensure that it works the way I need to grow my audience.

After looking at Gleam and other similar products I believe ViralSweep is the best of the options available.

Saranoni Review from Shopify App Store

ViralSweep is incredible! It has been able to do everything we can think of and more!

The customer service is amazing and they've bent over backward for every little request we have made! Seriously an amazing company!

Grill Your Ass Off Review from Shopify App Store

Every feature that we needed and the best customer service we have experienced on Shopify! I would recommend this app to anyone that wants to host a competition or giveaway!

Becket Simonon Review from Shopify App Store

We have used this app to make giveaways with our influencers, and it has helped a lot! We are able to create easy landing pages for the giveaway and ensure fair winners with the software

Hella Bitters & Soda Review from Shopify App Store

If you want to grow your audience through social giveaways and promotions, it's a waste of your time not to use ViralSweep.

emmibell Review from Shopify App Store

This app is easy to use and is a great choice for anyone who wants to take advantage of the power of social marketing. The sweepstake service that they offer is a great marketing tool that will not only get you new customer but saves you money that you would have spent on traditional marketing.

Striker Store Review from Shopify App Store

This app has completely changed our digital marketing strategy - and has been incredibly useful.

We have run one sweepstake so far and already doubled our email list. Giancarlo was there personally helping on chat whenever I had some code to tweak and from a design standpoint helped me set up a great template for the contest.

I would highly recommend Viralsweep—you will not be disappointed!

BOM-BAE Review from Shopify App Store

The app is easy to navigate. All the tools in the app make for easy content creation, and it's easy to upload to Shopify!

Grobo Review from Shopify App Store

This app is incredibly powerful and user friendly. Fantastic customer support from Giancarlo as well

Spencer M Review from G2 Crowd

All the features are top notch, aesthetic, and easy to use for your marketing use. Customer service is amazing!

Crawlher Review from Shopify App Store

We use ViralSweep to run Sweepstake giveaways to collect email data for remarketing. We see a huge ROI using ViralSweep.

Once the Giveaway is set up we create a giveaway page on our Shopify store using the integration. It works very well and is easy to use. We then run traffic into the Giveaway using Facebook paid ads.

We have grown our email list very quickly and the store revenue from emails collected via Viralsweep is a significant % of our store's gross sales.

BATZkids Review from Shopify App Store

This was the first time we have every done a contest so I was very worried about it but it ended up working great.

Another reason we chose to go with this company was because several other competitor companies required you to sign up for a year or six months.

As this was our very first contest, we did not want to commit to a year's subscription. Viral Sweep allows us to cancel the subscription at any time.

Sherpa Pullovers Review from Shopify App Store

I've worked with ViralSweep since the original version was released, and we always had strong results. I recently moved to the new version, which is a massive leap forward in functionality and user experience.

Additionally, Giancarlo has been exceptionally responsive for all of my myriad inquiries. I 100% recommend this product!

Catherine Trenton Jewellery Review from Shopify App Store

Wonderfully smooth and easy to use app. I was very impressed with this app and the customer support is lightening fast.

The result for us was impressive. We grew our existing mail list by 977 emails and in the follow up email after the competition to this list we sold out of the item we had given away.

Darby Scott Review from Shopify App Store

The team is very responsive and the system works well. They are actively making continuous improvements based on users requests and their own goals. Over all great customer support.

We are seeing very good response to our sweepstakes campaign and plan to continue to use this app to build brand awareness and reach new customers.

We used a similar service before and ViralSweep is light years ahead!

Chris B Review from G2 Crowd

The real deal. I spent over a dozen hours reviewing other apps and came back to ViralSweep again and again.

Don't waste time doing the research… just go with these guys and get on with life… and business.

Satisfye Review from Shopify App Store

Absolutely essential app for list building with a ridiculously easy user interface and rock star customer service. Seriously this app is critical to growth and the customer service is outstanding.

Fat Stone Farm Review from Shopify App Store

Wow! It was probably unthinkable a few years ago that small e-commerce companies like ours could manage multiple sweepstakes and attract thousands of entrants. But platforms like ViralSweep have made it possible AND practical.

After reviewing several sweeps platforms we choose ViralSweep for its comprehensive functionality, ease of use and responsive support. And during the last six months of running several successful sweeps ViralSweep has exceeded those initial expectations by leaps and bounds.

We can't say enough about the benefits VS offers and its exceptional support. Amazing!!! Well done!! AND THANK YOU!

ClubFitWear Review from Shopify App Store

This is one of the best platforms to grow across the board!

Huge Growth to my email, Facebook and other social profiles using a monthly giveaway. We have even now started doing a weekly giveaway that we hope to compound the growth! Support is awesome when you have a question or need assistance!

Acqua Dell'Elba Review from Shopify App Store

If you aren't using ViralSweep for your contests you are doing it wrong…

Giancarlo is just fantastic with his customer service. Can't recommend highly enough. A little pricey for the advanced plan, but still a good value.

Bikini Luxe Review from Shopify App Store

Lightening fast customer service and top notch at that. This app has so many functions and features as well as some hidden ones that they are rolling out now that blow away all of their competition.

The documentation is clear and concise and you can make any kind of contest that you can dream up with this app.

Allegra Harvey Review from Shopify App Store

We used this app for lead generation and thought it was wonderful. So easy to set up and integrate with infusionsoft our email marketing. Giancarlo was very helpful and responsive with any question we had.

Definitely recommend and we would definitely use this again.

YAH Unlimited Review from Shopify App Store

We used this app for our first giveaway and thought it was great. We have a Shopify store and use Mailchimp and everything worked seamlessly. There's lots of support and demos to reference for every possible set-up scenario.

We were so pleased and will definitely use them again in the future.

Cotton Camera Carrying Systems Review from Shopify App Store

We ran the largest photo contest we have ever had due to simplicity in entering and voting. Collected many email addresses and spread brand awareness. Very fast response time from Giancarlo! Thank you!

Lisa Young Lee Review from Shopify App Store

I'm very pleased with this app! I just opened launched my online store recently, and I'm glad that I stumbled upon this app so that I can launch an exciting contest to get more interest to my site.

It's very user friendly and if you get stuck, Giacarlo provides excellent support. I can't wait to get my contest up and running!

Power Of Me Review from Shopify App Store

The app worked really well. It was simple to use and for our needs of running flash comps, and we found the app to be a great tool. Would recommend for sure!

Amazing Lace Review from Shopify App Store

I never leave reviews but this app deserves one!

Customer service is super fast - I even think they have responded to me on Sunday evening. They are totally willing to step in and fix/help whenever needed.

They have actually made my day easier when I've needed help and as a business owner that's the best service ever!

Rowdy Jesus Review from Shopify App Store

This app is awesome! We love the ease-of-use, social share-ability, and beautiful look to the sweepstakes contest we are running. Several of our entrants have shared our sweepstakes across all social media platforms. We would recommend this app to any shopify business.

Rag Bone Bindery Review from Shopify App Store

It's working better than we hoped. Setting up our first campaign was easy, just followed the step-by-step instructions. And the reporting is in depth.

Overall, very happy with the app. And quick response from support too.

NANUK Protective Hard Cases Review from Shopify App Store

We've used other contest apps in the past and none were as clean for the visitors. Even if you have a great prize, the form and layout needs to be appealing and easy to use. Having the ability to give extra entries to leads is a big plus and it's also really easy to link your different social accounts.

I personally think it's the most powerful sweepstakes app out there and we're using it to run multiple contest at a time to multiple niches. The customer service is also top notch!

EDC Store UK Review from Shopify App Store

ViralSweep was very simple to set up, we have no techie in-house so we rely heavily on great apps from the store. It took less than an hour from Installing the app onto our store to launching our first Giveaway and collecting new emails.

We wanted to test using a giveaway as a way of building an email list, as email rev is important for our Shopify store. We used a low-value prize for the first test. The results have been incredible.

Ing Giveaway Review from Shopify App Store

When our firm needed to give away lottery prizes we didn't know where to turn. Someone recommended ViralSweep and it was the best decision we made for the project.

Not only did the app work very smoothly, it was easy to customize and allowed for quick tracking. We were able to pull the lottery winners with ease. I highly recommend this product to anyone looking to hold sweepstakes.

Thank you the ViralSweep team and Giancarlo for being accessible and assisting with all our needs.

Kimberly H Review from G2 Crowd

I love the ease of use of this product and all the great features which the product has to offer its users. I am able to reach such a bigger audience through the social networking capabilities the product offers.

Charles G Review from G2 Crowd

ViralSweep is very easy to use and integrates very well into mailing lists such as Mailchimp, all the major social media venues, and has great tools to display your giveaways on your own company site.

Also like the customization it allows in the creation of each giveaway. It is a great value at it's price point.

Chuckle Farm Review from Shopify App Store

I recommend this App. It offers good flexibility in terms of styling the sweepstakes entry page, and it’s a great way to drive engagement with a brand by offering (it’s an optional setting) extra points to those who engage with the brand on social media, in addition to collecting email addresses through the sweepstakes entry.

The customer service is super fast and very helpful. They offer a sweepstakes guide that is a must read.

Shirt Battle Review from Shopify App Store

The customer service was exceptional! More importantly is that within 30 minutes we initiated the app we received 72 entries into our contest after just 3 days.

Michell Money Review from Shopify App Store

This app is exactly what we were looking for, and I CANNOT say enough about their customer service. Not only did they help answer the questions we had (which were many, because our IT help was out of town) but they gave us some great advice on how to use, and how to improve the app visually and functionally.

I will be recommending this app to everyone I work with. Thanks guys!

Michael S Review from G2 Crowd

Simplicity, pricing and support. You may not ever need to contact them on setting up your giveaway, but when you do they are always ready to help.

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