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Unsplash: Beautiful Background Images For Your ViralSweep Campaigns

December 5, 2018
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Unsplash: Beautiful Background Images For Your ViralSweep Campaigns

In our previous post about free stock images for commercial use, Unsplash was by far the most popular service. Unsplash is a community of some of the world’s best photographers who make their work available for anyone to use, royalty-free.

As of today, ViralSweep integrates with Unsplash, enabling our customers to find the perfect background images for their campaigns with the click of a button.

unsplash grid

Why Have We Partnered With Unsplash?

ViralSweep provides our customers with the ability to craft beautiful-looking sweepstakes, contests, and other types of marketing campaigns.

One of the key elements to making your campaign look good is using a background image. Until we integrated with this free stock photography site, we provided a stock “library” of 10 images to choose from and the ability to upload your own background image. This hasn’t been up to our standards.

That all changes today with our new integration with Unsplash, giving every ViralSweep customer direct access to a library of over 750,000 free images. These images are beautiful and high-quality.

How Easy Have We Made It?

  1. Type in a keyword to search for a background image.
  2. Click the image you want to use.

That’s it! It’s that simple.



Attribution applies automatically to each image in the lower left corner. It’s unobtrusive and provides credit to both Unsplash and the photographer.unsplash-attribution

This is a big step for improving the ViralSweep campaign-building experience—one of many coming up. Thanks to the help of Unsplash, brands now have one less detail to worry about when building a campaign. Thank you to Unsplash and their community for their support and as always, thanks to all of our customers for your constant feedback.

Giancarlo is the co-founder of ViralSweep, the viral marketing platform for businesses. Connect with him on Twitter.
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