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How To: AWeber Single Opt-In Via Their API

December 16, 2014
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Surprisingly, over the past few years one of the top questions we’ve received at ViralSweep has been to allow people to enable AWeber single opt-in through their API.

This actually has nothing to do with ViralSweep, and relies solely on AWeber’s policies surrounding their API.

“I have single opt-in setup on my list in AWeber. Why are people still getting the double opt-in confirmation email when entering my sweepstakes?”

Well, ViralSweep (and hundreds of other apps) use AWeber’s API, which has always required double opt-in.

We’ve reached out to AWeber numerous times regarding this and we’ve always been told that through their API they require double opt-in and there are no exceptions.

Until now!

As of late November 2014, AWeber has changed this policy, and they will now enable single opt-in through their API on a case-by-case basis.

So, if you want to have your account and your lists enabled for this, all you have to do is contact AWeber through their online form or email

Tell them you want to enable single opt-in for your lists for use through their API. AWeber will then either approve or deny your request after they review your account.

The good news is, we’ve already had a few ViralSweep customers approved for AWeber single opt-in through their API, and they were able to successfully use ViralSweep to send emails right into their AWeber lists without a double opt-in confirmation email being sent out.

Want to use AWeber with ViralSweep to grow your email list? Read the setup guide.

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