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ViralSweep Security Overview

Updated April 2, 2023

All data is sent over HTTPS.

All data in transit is encrypted and sent using HTTPS. We encrypt data at rest where possible, while other data is not encrypted at rest and is active in our database. All backups are encrypted.

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Your data is protected.

All data is backed up daily, stored across multiple servers and in multiple locations. We have both on-site and off-site backups in case of catastrophic failures.

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Two-Factor Authentication

ViralSweep supports two-factor authentication on all user accounts. Users can use the Google Authenticator app or Authy app to enable two-factor authentication in order to add an additional layer of security to protect their account and information.

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Our infrastructure remains updated.

All servers run on a dedicated network with firewalls and DDOS protection. We also use 3rd party services such as Cloudflare for additional security measures. The software infrastructure is updated on a regular basis with the latest security patches.

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Location of data.

Our data centers are located in Lansing, Michigan, USA. Backups of all data are done on a daily basis and are encrypted and held in both on-site and off-site facilities. We also use third party services such as Cloudinary for photo and video storage.

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EU-U.S. and Swiss-U.S. Privacy Shield.

Privacy Shield is an agreement between the EU, Swiss and US government to allow companies in the United States to comply with EU and Swiss data regulations.

ViralSweep is part of the Privacy Shield program and has obtained the Privacy Shield Certification. You can view our certification here: ViralSweep Privacy Shield Certification.

By complying with the Privacy Shield Principles, ViralSweep can lawfully collect, receive, and process personal data from the EU and Switzerland in the US and beyond.

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Campaign Abuse Protection.

We've implemented many security measures when it comes to protecting our customers campaigns. We have many tools available to customers on the frontend, like enabling IP blocking, reCAPTCHA, and geo targeting. On the backend, we automatically enable rate limiting, DDOS protection, and filters that automatically detect and block spammers and bots.

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Data Retention.

Upon cancellation of your account, all data associated with the account will be put into a 30 day deletion cycle. If you do not return within 30 days, or you do not contact us within 30 days for access to the data in your account, it will all be deleted. If your account is active or paused, your data will remain in place indefinitely until you cancel your account or you manually delete your data from within your account.

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If you have any questions or concerns regarding our security, please contact us at