How do influencers decide how much to charge a brand?

Part 1: Pricing Formats

We asked 50+ influencers: “How do you decide how much to charge a brand?” The responses varied greatly, much to our surprise.

This is the first of a five part series discussing what goes into the pricing structures of influencers we’ve featured on Voices by ViralSweep. It was meant to be just one post—50 interviews is a lot of content to cover.

Let’s dig in to Part 1.

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Increase Product Reviews with Yotpo and ViralSweep

As of today, ViralSweep integrates with Yotpo, enabling our customers to get more product reviews through sweepstakes and contests using our Yotpo Review action.

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The Transition of Influencer Marketing

I’m bullish on influencer marketing. We’re in the early days—nevermind “peak influencer.” Some call it a bubble. No, it’s only the beginning.

It does feel ‘stuck’ currently, but that’s going to change. I’ll outline why in this post. Hint: it has to do with audiences.
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Unsplash: Beautiful Background Images For Your ViralSweep Campaigns

In our previous post about free stock images for commercial use, Unsplash was by far the most popular service. Unsplash is a community of some of the world’s best photographers who make their work available for anyone to use, royalty-free.

As of today ViralSweep integrates with Unsplash, enabling our customers to find the perfect background images for their campaigns with the click of a button.
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How To Grow Your Facebook Messenger Subscribers List with Sweepstakes

Learning about Facebook Messenger marketing and growing your Facebook Messenger subscribers list should be one of the top things on your to do list as a business owner or marketer.
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