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Incentivized sharing and mobile giveaways

March 12, 2013
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We’re constantly pushing out updates, and we’ve just released some awesome new features for ViralSweep.

Incentivized Sharing

First up, we’ve added incentivized sharing. When a user enters your giveaway, they will now be able to receive bonus entries for performing social actions such as sharing, tweeting, etc.

In addition, they receive a referral URL to share with their friends, and for every person that signs up under their URL, they get an additional entry. We’ve also added a ‘referrals’ section under your giveaway stats.

When you export your giveaway data, you will be able to see which person brought in the most referrals and how many bonus entries they received for performing social actions.

Sharing and giveaway stats

Mobile Giveaways

Next up, we have added mobile giveaways. If you visit your giveaway page on mobile, you will see an optimized version.

This makes it very easy for people to enter via mobile devices, and there is no specific URL they need to use to access it via mobile (it’s just the same URL as the page your giveaway is hosted on).

Have ideas for new features or want to see something added or changed? Let us know in the comments below!

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