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10 Black Friday Contest Ideas to Attract Holiday Shoppers

July 24, 2023
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Black Friday is a prime shopping holiday that your brand simply cannot ignore.

In this post, we’ll give you ten unique Black Friday contest ideas to generate more revenue and attract new customers.

In this post, we’ll give you some unique Black Friday contest ideas to generate more revenue and attract new customers after the holiday season.

1. Pre-Black Friday Sweepstakes

Encourage customers to enter your sweepstakes by giving you their email address. You can then use this email list to announce your Black Friday sales ahead of the holiday.

2. VIP Early Access Passes

Give away VIP Early Access Passes to a few lucky winners. Winners get to enter your store 30 minutes before you open doors for the day, giving them an advantage over other shoppers.

3. Store Credit or Discount Coupon Giveaway

Give away store credit or a discount coupon only applicable during Black Friday to ensure customers visit your store.

4. Black Friday Care Package

Provide a Black Friday care package to a lucky winner, complete with comfortable shoes, high-quality shopping bags, or even an organizer for their car as they drive from store to store.

5. Checkout Line Instant Win

 Set up an iPad right before customers get to the cash register, where they enter an email to see if they win a prize (discount, BOGO, free purchase, etc.) which can be applied immediately.

6. In-store Influencer Giveaway

Hire or partner with a tastemaker in your industry to give away a bundle of their favorite products from your store.

7. Receipt or Post-Purchase Entry Code Giveaway

 Give customers an entry code when they make a purchase to win a grand prize. Entry codes can be printed on the receipt or on separate marketing material.

8. Sold-Out Giveaways

 When a product is sold out during Black Friday, place marketing material on the shelf directing customers to enter a giveaway for the product once it’s back in stock.

9. Black Friday Trivia Contest

Host a trivia contest related to Black Friday or your products. The first person to answer all questions correctly wins a prize.

10. Social Media Sharing Contest

Encourage customers to share their Black Friday shopping experience at your store on social media. The post with the most likes or shares wins a prize.

Remember, the success of your contest or giveaway depends on the prize. Make sure you pick a prize that is related to what your business does and is something that people will want. Happy Black Friday shopping!

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