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17 Sites to Submit Your Products to for Traffic and Sales

March 10, 2015
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Finding distribution channels for your products can be tough, especially if you are a new company with a product that no one has ever heard of.

At ViralSweep, we’re in the beginning stages of secretly building our own physical product, and we’ve found that it’s an uphill battle to get distribution early on in the game—especially for free.

In the startup world, there are websites and newsletters like Product Hunt and Betalist that aggregate cool new apps and software on a daily basis and bring in a game-changing amount of new users and customers for those who get listed.

It’s harder to find anything like this in the e-commerce world, so we set out to compile a list.

While there are hundreds of distribution channels that you can find online, one simple channel is product reviews or product listing sites. These sites post new products each day in a variety of different categories, and they usually link back to your website with your product price.

A listing on one of these sites can drive a lot of traffic and, potentially, sales for your brand.

We’ve compiled this resource of 17 different sites that you can submit your products to. You’ll find a direct link to each site, as well as a direct link to the contact or submission page.

Be sure to read the guidelines of each site closely. While you’re not guaranteed a listing on any of these sites, if your product does get listed, it could bring a healthy boost of traffic and sales.

Sites to Submit Your Products To

All sites below have links to the homepage as well as contact or submission pages. We’ve broken down each site by their main demographic, as well as the product categories that they feature.

Please note: Even though we’ve done our best to provide you with this list of sites, we suggest you always read their submission guidelines. You are not guaranteed a listing by submitting your information or products to these sites.

1. Uncrate

Uncrate is the leading buyer’s guide for men. With over 9,000 items covered and more than 1.5 million monthly readers, Uncrate is widely known for digging up the best of the best men’s products.


Demographic: Men
Categories: Tech, cars, gadgets, grooming, personal care, fashion
Submission page:

2. Outblush

Outblush is a blog for girls who love to shop. Their staff digs up the best clothes, home stuff, beauty items, and more. New items are posted every day.


Demographic: Women
Categories: Fashion, beauty, home, life
Submission page:

3. Incredible Things

The team at Incredible Things scours the web looking for interesting, wonderful and incredible products.

Incredible Things

Demographic: Men & Women
Categories: Quirky/weird, art & design, tech, kids, pets, fashion, gear
Submission page:

4. Cool Material

Since 2009, Cool Material has been discovering all the latest things guys want. From new gadgets by the biggest names to handcrafted wallets from small shops and craftsmen you’ve never heard of, they cover everything that you might want to add to your life.

Cool Material

Demographic: Men
Categories: Gear, tech, fashion, food/drink, home, gadgets
Submission page:

5. HolyCool

HolyCool is a daily updated blog that features the coolest products available to buy online. They scout online stores to save you the trouble of finding that perfect gift, cool gadgets or your latest impulse purchase.


Demographic: Men & Women
Categories: Apparel, bath/body, art, books, gadgets, food/drink, home, office
Submission page:

6. Shiny Shiny

Shiny Shiny is a website that focuses on the way technology is enriching the lives of women. Their readers are female early adopters.

Shiny Shiny

Demographic: Women
Categories: Gadgets, apps, beauty, fashion, health, fitness
Submission page:

7. The Awesomer

In short, The Awesomer samples a bit of everything – from gadgets to cars, from clothing to video games. The more interesting/funky/goofy, the better.

The Awesomer

Demographic: Men & Women
Categories: Tech, wearables, leisure, art/design, living, games, music

8. The Green Head

Discover the coolest new stuff for your home, life, office, and beyond!

The Green Head

Demographic: Men & Women
Categories: Living, gear, cooking, leisure, design, food/drink, fashion
Submission page:

9. The Grommet

The Grommet launches undiscovered products and helps them succeed. Grommets are products with a purpose invented by people with stories.

The Grommet

Demographic: Men & Women
Categories: Jewelry, toys, personal care, travel, sports, fitness, fashion, tech, home
Submission page:

10. Werd

Werd seeks out products making a difference. From quality to craft to style, they seek out stuff reflecting their passion for life. Inspired by technology and travel and fueled by testosterone, they know what guys like because … well, they’re guys.


Demographic: Men
Categories: Tech, gear, wearables, grooming, sports, travel
Submission page:

11. Oh My That’s Awesome

Oh My That’s Awesome is a group of individuals who are obsessed with funky, weird, unique, and totally crazy stuff! They browse the web looking for products that will make you say “Oh My, That’s Awesome!”

Oh My That's Awesome

Demographic: Men & Women
Categories: Home, office, outdoors, gifts, food/drink, gadgets, clothing, kids/babies
Submission page:

12. ShutUpAndTakeMyMoney

ShutUpAndTakeMyMoney is where you find the coolest and geekiest products around that make you say “Shut up and take my money!”


Demographic: Men & Women
Categories: Tech, clothing, home/kitchen, geeky, toys
Submission page:

13. Joyus

Joyus has assembled a dynamic team of experts: professional shoppers, stylists, make-up artists and nutritionists who work non-stop to find the products that will help you live your most beautiful, healthy life yet.


Demographic: Women
Categories: Apparel, accesories, beauty, health & fitness

14. Dude I Want That

As a curator of all the best (mostly) buyable merchandise on the Web, digs into the abyss of online retailers, independent artists’ marketplaces, and fundraising sites, and emerges with products they hope will help you shop for gifts, make your day a little more interesting, or move you to tap your buddy and say, Dude! I want that.

Dude I Want That

Demographic: Men & Women
Categories: Gear, entertainment, food, fitness, household, outdoors
Submission page:

15. Cool Mom Picks

The Cool Mom Picks team will crush on all kinds of things that are cool and helpful to parents, and they are big advocates of indie design, boutique brands, and entrepreneurs.

Cool Mom Picks

Demographic: Women
Categories: Baby, kids, gear, food/drink, around the house, style/beauty
Submission page:

16. Gadgetur

Gadgetur is an interactive guide for cool gadgets and creative gift ideas!


Demographic: Men & Women
Categories: Gadgets, Outdoors, Eco-Friendly, Tech

17. Mighty Goods

Mighty Goods is an online shopping magazine that’s updated 5 days a week, bringing you products that they love.

Might Goods

Demographic: Men & Women
Categories: Body, clothes, fashion for men/women, food/drink, home, jewelry, pets
Submission page:
See also: Mighty Junior for kids.

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