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Stop running giveaways on social media! Run them on your website.

February 2, 2013
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This is a post I wrote for Social Media Today on why companies should run giveaways on their website instead of social media.

Stop Running Giveaways on Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and every other social media website have cultivated a craze around inflating follower numbers in the social media marketing landscape.

Companies have become focused on, even obsessed with, growing their social media footprint with giveaways.

Growing your social pages is about quality, though, not quantity. I have come across so many companies that are obsessed with reaching X amount of ‘likes’ on Facebook as their goal, and they will seemingly stop at nothing to reach that goal.

Why, though?

What good is it to have 5,000 people that like your page if most of them don’t care at all about your business and don’t actively share or engage in your posts?

I recently encountered a company whose page had over 100,000 likes, but their posts were only getting 4-5 likes and 1-2 comments each. It was easy to tell they had focused on quantity over quality – perhaps even buying likes to inflate their numbers.

I scrolled as far back as a year, and they still only had a few interactions on every post. 100,000 likes mean absolutely nothing to their business when only a few people are interacting with their page.

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