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Using exclusivity to turn social fans into 23,489 Bruce Lee insiders.

John from Bruce Lee
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John Laudisio

Founder, John Brandon Digital
* John Brandon Digital manages Bruce Lee's campaigns

The Bruce Lee Family Company is keeping the legacy of Bruce Lee alive.

See how they utilize sweepstakes to engage with Bruce Lee fans.

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The Bruce Lee Family Company is owned and operated by the Bruce Lee family with Shannon Lee, the daughter of Bruce Lee, serving as CEO. Under the company umbrella is the Bruce Lee Family Store, Bruce Lee Entertainment, Bruce Lee Beverage (Bruce Tea), as well as the Bruce Lee Foundation, a 501(c)(3) public charity.

The mission of the Bruce Lee Family Company is to keep the legacy of Bruce Lee alive by spreading his positive energy and messages for generations to come. A portion of the proceeds of all sales from the store benefits the Bruce Lee Foundation, which funds Camp Bruce Lee, a new summer program for 8-11 year olds, the Bruce Lee Podcast, and creates museum exhibits (that have been visited by more than 3 million people).

ViralSweep Features Used For This Sweepstakes

The importance of an attractive prize.

Having a prize that grabs the attention of users, especially fans, is a guaranteed way to ensure a successful sweepstakes.

The Bruce Lee Company gave away a pair of Nike Kyrie 3 "Mamba Mentality" Sneakers for their sweepstakes, which were an extremely rare pair of sneakers due to only a limited quantity being produced.

John from Bruce Lee

John Laudisio

Founder, John Brandon Digital
This was one of the most successful campaigns we've run because of exclusivity. The sneakers being offered in this sweepstakes were very rare, as only a small run of these were produced. Our community also has a pension for Bruce Lee sneakers, especially when they are connected with current athletes. The details on this shoe are amazing, and it has a great story behind it as well.

The story behind the Kyrie 3 Mamba Mentality Sneakers

Nike's Kyrie 3 Mamba Mentality sneakers were inspired by Bruce Lee's famous "Always be yourself. Express yourself. Have faith in yourself" quote which had an impact on both Kyrie Irving and Kobe Bryant.

Bruce Lee picture
Kyrie 3 Mamba Mentality side view Kyrie 3 Mamba Mentality top view
John from Bruce Lee

John Laudisio

Founder, John Brandon Digital
Bruce Lee’s passion, inspiration, and philosophical ways continue to influence people around the world, including the world’s best athletes. With this shoe, Kyrie Irving paid homage to Kobe Bryant and one of the Black Mamba’s most famous colorways, a homage to martial arts legend Bruce Lee. The Nike Kyrie 3 “Mamba Mentality” sneaker features an overarching theme of wisdom and philosophical similarities that connect Kobe, Kyrie, and Bruce Lee. The pair references the time that Kyrie laced up the Kobe 5 Bruce Lee sneaker when he was 17 and played in the Nike Extravaganza in California.
Driving sweepstakes entries

The "Mamba Mentality" Sweepstakes

Promotion header image

The goal for this sweepstakes was to convert social fans into Bruce Lee Insiders, which is the Bruce Lee email community. With over 21,500,000 people liking Bruce Lee on Facebook, and over 2,300,000 following Bruce Lee on Instagram, Bruce Lee already has a healthy social following, but converting that following into email subscribers is always an important goal for the company.

With Facebook decreasing the organic reach of posts, and Instagram changing their algorithms for how content appears in user's feeds, Bruce Lee knows that owning their audience is an important step in being able to connect with them directly at anytime, outside of social platforms.

Bruce Lee created a page on their Shopify store and added our sweepstakes widget directly to that page. They then sent all traffic to the page from email, social, and paid advertising.

After filling out the entry form and entering the sweepstakes, entrants were offered additional entries for performing actions, like referring their friends, following Bruce Lee's social pages, or even uploading a selfie in Bruce Lee gear. These additional entry options gave each entrant a better chance of winning the sweepstakes when the random draw occurred, and it also helped boost engagement for Bruce Lee across several different social channels at once.


Bruce Lee Mamba Mentality Entry Form


Bruce Lee Mamba Mentality Social Actions

Mamba Mentality sweepstakes results.






Twitter Followers


Instagram Visits


Facebook Shares


Facebook Comments


Twitter Retweets


Answered a question
John from Bruce Lee

John Laudisio

Founder, John Brandon Digital
We have run campaigns through other platforms in the past and ViralSweep has more functionality, MUCH better integrations, and a better pricing structure. While I've had campaigns that have performed better than this one, in general, the functionality, integrations, and technology of ViralSweep outperforms other platforms we previously used, especially when you have a Shopify store.

Social actions build engagement.

Having the ability for Bruce Lee to not only collect the names and email addresses of its users, but to also have them refer friends, share on social networks, follow their social channels, and even answer questions was a huge win for Bruce Lee. This was something they were not able to do with other platforms they have used in the past.

Marketing The Campaign

Keeping in mind their goal to convert social fans to Bruce Lee Insiders, they relied heavily on organic and paid social traffic, running both Facebook Lead Ads (integrated with ViralSweep), as well as targeted campaigns on Facebook and Instagram.

Utilizing our Facebook Pixel integration, Bruce Lee was able to track entrants via custom conversions, and create a retargeting audience of those who landed on the sweepstakes page in their store.

Facebook Lead Ads

Bruce Lee used ViralSweep's Facebook Lead Ads integration in order to capture 4,340 leads directly from Facebook. They ran just two lead ads, both with the same creative. One went to 50% video viewers of organic content and the other ad went to a 1% lookalike audience of their email list. The lookalike audience performed much better, and they decided to focus most of their spend there.

The average cost per lead through Facebook Lead Ads was $0.13. They had over 260,000 impressions, 2.62% average CTR, and a $2.05 average CPM.

Bruce Lee Mamba Mentality Facebook Lead Ad

Social Posts

Bruce Lee put out a series of posts across their social channels to announce the sweepstakes, encourage users to enter, and to remind users that the sweepstakes was almost over. They utilized several different images in each post, and posted several times to ensure users were seeing their posts.

Facebook Posts

Bruce Lee Mamba Mentality Facebook Post

Bruce Lee Mamba Mentality Facebook Post

Bruce Lee Mamba Mentality Facebook Post

Bruce Lee Mamba Mentality Facebook Post

Twitter Posts

Bruce Lee Mamba Mentality Twitter Posts

Bruce Lee Mamba Mentality Twitter Posts

Bruce Lee Mamba Mentality Twitter Posts

Bruce Lee Mamba Mentality Twitter Posts

Instagram Posts

Bruce Lee Mamba Mentality Instagram Posts

Bruce Lee Mamba Mentality Instagram Posts

Bruce Lee Mamba Mentality Instagram Posts

Bruce Lee Mamba Mentality Instagram Posts

Email Sequence

Bruce Lee utilized ViralSweep's Bronto integration to add all entrants directly into their Bronto list. They set up a four part welcome series that was automatically triggered in Bronto when someone entered the sweepstakes. The welcome series thanked people for entering the sweepstakes, provided them with some Bruce Lee content, introduced them to products, and finally offered a 15% off coupon code for being a Bruce Lee Insider.

Since the main objective of this campaign was to collect new email addresses, Bruce Lee did not announce this campaign via email to their existing audience. After the campaign, they realized this was a missed opportunity and they should have emailed their existing audience after seeing how well ViralSweep's referral and sharing features worked.

ViralSweep LogoViralSweep Tip

It is a common misconception that you should not share the campaign with your existing audience if you are trying to grow your email list.

The benefit of sharing with your existing audience is that ViralSweep's features will allow users to refer their friends to earn more entries, which means more people will be added to your email list that you would not have previously had access to.

The first email in the four part welcome series which thanked users for entering the sweepstakes.

Bruce Lee Mamba Mentality Email Blast

The next email provided a piece of content from one of Bruce Lee's famous fights, and also introduced the Bruce Lee Foundation.

Bruce Lee Mamba Mentality Email Blast

The third email in the series asked users to update their preferences to receive personalized emails.

Bruce Lee Mamba Mentality Email Blast

The final email in the welcome series offered Bruce Lee Insiders 15% off of their next order.

Bruce Lee Mamba Mentality Email Blast

In closing

Bruce Lee has now gone on to run five additional campaigns through ViralSweep, including a Halloween photo contest, and partner sweepstakes with EA UFC 3 and BODYARMOR Sports Drink.

In total they've collected nearly 65,000 unique entries into their campaigns, and have also been able to gather hundreds of photos from their customers via photo contests and the photo upload bonus entry option that ViralSweep offers. Bruce Lee is then able to use these photos in their marketing campaigns, and as alternate product shots in their store.

Bruce Lee Mamba Mentality Giveaway Promotion Image

In regards to the ViralSweep platform, Chris Husband, SVP Social Media/E-Commerce for the Bruce Lee Family Company says...

Bruce Lee Logo

Chris Husband

SVP Social Media/E-Commerce, Bruce Lee Family Company
I highly recommend ViralSweep. It’s easy to use and has superior analytics. Running sweepstakes can be a cumbersome mess, but ViralSweep takes all of that stress away. In our latest campaign, our partner was convinced too and asked for a referral. I can’t say enough about it.

To learn more about Bruce Lee, visit their website at

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