Integration with ViralSweep®

Automatically install ViralSweep onto your Facebook page.

Automatically install a ViralSweep on your Facebook page.

Grow your email list

Collect the email addresses of your entrants right on your own Facebook page using ViralSweep.

Embed on any page

Easily embed ViralSweep campaigns onto a Facebook page tab using our auto-install method.

Real-time analytics

See the growth of your email list and social channels with our real-time analytics.

Form builder

Build custom forms to collect data from your entrants like name and address, or create your own custom fields.

Social Actions

Incentivize users with additional entries for performing a wide variety of social actions.

Trigger Emails

Use our email service integrations to email your entrants as soon as they enter your promotion.

Collect emails with ViralSweep

Rapidly grow your email list.

ViralSweep offers a variety of different ways to capture emails, with sweepstakes being one of the most powerful.
The quickest and most affordable way to grow your list.

Growing your email list should be one of the most important goals for your business.

Example of ViralSweeo's social actions.

Expand your social reach.

Incentivize users with bonus entries for having them perform actions.

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Incentivize users to share, follow, and refer friends.

Reward users for visiting a website, watching a video, posting a Tweet, following on Instagram, and more.

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Join thousands of brands using ViralSweep.

Have your first campaign ready in minutes.

Easy to use.

Viralsweep is easy-to-use and the fastest, most cost-effective way to set up a full-service, compliant promotion. Giancarlo and the team are incredibly responsive and helpful when working through custom requests.
Courtney Harwood
SVP Marketing, Keep

Build and execute.

There is no better way to build and execute promotions than ViralSweep. Period. I’m consistently amazed at the ease with which they make complicated processes a breeze.
Pavia Rosati
Founder & CEO, Fathom

1000% ROI.

ViralSweep has been a key tool in growing our social following and our email lists. We've seen ROI's of over 1000% from revenue generated directly from our ViralSweep managed giveaways.
Derin oyekan
Co-Founder, JewelScent

Above the rest.

As an agency, we tried several sweepstakes applications for our clients. ViralSweep is head and shoulders above the rest.
Denise Keniston
CEO, Web4Retail

Better than Facebook.

ViralSweep did what both Sumo and Facebook ads couldn’t do for us in months.
Gonzalo Sanchez
Director of Marketing, Evelo

One of the best.

ViralSweep is one of the best tools we use for running sweepstakes and giveaways.
Matt Navara
Community Director, The Next Web

Real results.

We have been doing online giveaways for years, but it wasn’t until we found ViralSweep that these promotions began to provide real results. Our social media channels and our email marketing lists have grown exponentially with Viralsweep.
Chrissy Hansen
Marketing Director, Chicago Music Exchange

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See how these brands grew using ViralSweep.

Case Studies.

See how you can use ViralSweep to get real results.

Easy to integrate.

Import leads directly into your email service or CRM.

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Add your favorite tools.

Drive more leads and reviews.

Join thousands of brands using ViralSweep.

Have your first campaign ready in minutes.