Black Friday Contest Ideas to Re-Target Holiday Shoppers

Nearly half of America participates in Black Friday in some capacity—your brand simply cannot ignore this prime shopping holiday. In this post we’ll give you some unique Black Friday contest ideas to generate more revenue and attract new customers for after the holiday season.
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Marketing Decision Framework: Overcoming The Desire To Do Everything

Having too many ideas or spending too much time thinking about marketing can be a distraction. Being distracted will make you worse at marketing!

In marketing, more work doesn’t mean more results. We can grow faster by focusing on doing less.
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Value Proposition: How To Choose Your Giveaway’s Prize

“Let’s give away an iPad!”

No, stop it. Stop right there.

The value proposition is one of the most important parts of running a sweepstakes or contest. The success of your promotion depends largely on the prize, so if the prize does not align properly with your target audience, your promotion will under-perform.
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Viral Marketing 101: Why Your Brand Doesn’t Need To Be In The Top 1% To Compete

It can be prohibitively difficult to beat competitors where they are already marketing.

Maybe your brand can’t compete with a competitor’s budget, they have an audience several times larger than yours, or they are masters at optimizing their cost per click.

Do you simply copy what they do and hope you can magically catch up?
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Step-By-Step: Running a Sponsored Giveaway as a Twitch Streamer

You’ve put the hours in and built your dedicated audience. There are brands who want to sponsor your Twitch giveaway and connect with your audience. You might not realize it, but you already have a connection with many top gaming brands who would love to work with you.
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