How do influencers decide how much to charge a brand?

Part 1: Pricing Formats

We asked 50+ influencers: “How do you decide how much to charge a brand?” The responses varied greatly, much to our surprise.

This is the first of a five part series discussing what goes into the pricing structures of influencers we’ve featured on Voices by ViralSweep. It was meant to be just one post—50 interviews is a lot of content to cover.

Let’s dig in to Part 1.

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The Transition of Influencer Marketing

I’m bullish on influencer marketing. We’re in the early days—nevermind “peak influencer.” Some call it a bubble. No, it’s only the beginning.

It does feel ‘stuck’ currently, but that’s going to change. I’ll outline why in this post. Hint: it has to do with audiences.
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It’s 2018 and email marketing is still king—long live the king.

Black Friday Contest Ideas to Re-Target Holiday Shoppers

Nearly half of America participates in Black Friday in some capacity—your brand simply cannot ignore this prime shopping holiday. In this post we’ll give you some unique Black Friday contest ideas to generate more revenue and attract new customers for after the holiday season.
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Marketing Decision Framework: Overcoming The Desire To Do Everything

Having too many ideas or spending too much time thinking about marketing can be a distraction. Being distracted will make you worse at marketing!

In marketing, more work doesn’t mean more results. We can grow faster by focusing on doing less.
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