Sweepstakes Official Rules Template

Sweepstakes continue to be one of the most popular marketing tactics among brands, agencies, and digital marketers. It’s important as a brand to ensure your sweepstakes are legally compliant—so we created a sweepstakes official rules template for you to use.
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Viral Marketing 101: Why Your Brand Doesn’t Need To Be In The Top 1% To Compete

It can be prohibitively difficult to beat competitors where they are already marketing.

Maybe your brand can’t compete with a competitor’s budget, they have an audience several times larger than yours, or they are masters at optimizing their cost per click.

Do you simply copy what they do and hope you can magically catch up?
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Sweepstakes Legal Checklist For Your Next Promotion

As online sweepstakes continue to grow in popularity amongst brands, agencies, and digital marketers, it’s important to make sure your promotion is compliant with all local, state, and federal laws. Within the United States, sweepstakes law varies from state to state, but almost all states have similar laws regarding the operation of sweepstakes.
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5 Reasons To Use Retargeting For Your Next Promotion

Have you ever wondered why you keep seeing ads from companies that you visited days or weeks ago? Whether you see them on Facebook or on other websites on the web, it’s like these companies are literally following you around everywhere you go, making the temptation to click on their ads even stronger—even if it’s just to see what it is that’s important enough to follow you around!
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17 Sites To Submit Your Products To For Traffic And Sales

Finding distribution channels for your products can be tough, especially if you are a new company with a product that no one has ever heard of.

At ViralSweep, we’re in the beginning stages of secretly building our own physical product, and we’ve found that it’s an uphill battle to get distribution early on in the game—especially for free. In the startup world, there are websites and newsletters like Product Hunt and Betalist that aggregate cool new apps and software on a daily basis and bring in a game-changing amount of new users and customers for those who get listed. It’s harder to find anything like this for the e-commerce world, so we set out to compile a list.
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